Fall Minis 2011

What true love looks like.

My mother's parents are a little less camera shy than my father's parents. So when we were visiting them in Indiana I made sure to take lots of pictures. I just love them and everything about them. I especially love how in love they are after a lifetime together.

My Grandparents.

I love this picture of my Dad's parents. Shows their personality to a T.

2 Nephews and a niece.

While I was visiting my family in Indiana I took pictures of my oldest sister's kids. I just love these kids. And I love how the pictures turned out. These are just a few of my favorites.

I love this belly.

It's my sister's belly and I think she is the darn cutest little preggers ever.

3 Beautiful Girls.

Love Birds

I love taking engagements! It is always so fun to take pictures of a couple who are so excited to be together. And these two were SO in love. It was awesome.

 In other news: We moved to Utah! Crazy huh? Rexburg was good to us, but it was time to move on. SO... if you live in Utah and you want your pictures taken... let me know.

My Boys

Taking photos in an ice box.

Kyle's brother and his family had me take their pictures a few weeks ago. I totally forgot to post them. But remembered today and feel a little sheepish that it took me so long. Oh well... better late than never. It was SO cold the day I took their pictures. But they were troopers and bundled up and smiled anyways. I just love these kids. And the parents are kind of awesome too. In fact my sister in law, Candria has become one of my dearest friends. So thanks guys! I just love you all. And thanks for braving the freezing cold. Enjoy!

Leah's Family

When I was in Arizona I also took family pictures for my Gorgeous Sister Leah. Her neighborhood had an awesome lake that I took pictures by. And her kids are adorable little clones. I just love them. And we had so much fun visiting them. Maybe... if we are lucky... we could end up living close to them pretty soon. (Crossing my fingers). And did I mention that Leah is drop dead gorgeous? Holy Moly my family has awesome genetics :) Love you guys!

Grace-- too cute to boot.

Seriously LOVE this girl. And her Mommy... who happens to be my beautiful eldest Sister... is amazingly beautiful. We met up in Arizona last week and had SO much fun! Thanks for letting Aunt Miriam take your pictures Grace! Love you pretty girl!